Stratum is Here!

Hello everyone,

We are happy to share that the Stratum support was included in yesterday’s release! Check it out here:

It is a special mode of a full node that turns off mining and turns on stratum server!

Bear in mind that it’s a development version that you can use to try out the functionality but bugs are always a possibility.

We will highly appreciate your opinions, reviews, and feedback!

Please use the Github issues section to report any bugs!

Thanks in advance,


Nice to hear. :slight_smile:
I found this article on stratum vulnerabilities. If any devs are interested…

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Thank you.

Is this working for the main net now? (we can make pools with this now?)
Where is the configuration yaml file to enable Stratum?
Will more documentation come out?

Visit the link in the first post.

Thanks. I did search the repo… I have yet to install a node. Maybe, the config file (“aeternity.yaml”) is generated after being installed.

@_dog example config is in docs in the link above. Make sure you put your beneficiary etc.

If you check todays (Week 28) development update, please follow the advice from Michal and request features or ask questions here in the forum. The core team will follow up on this.

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Here’s the video Emin is referring to:


thanks :slight_smile:

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If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask a few questions. I think you are the main developer for this feature (if I’m not mistaken).

  • Is it really that easy to run a pool? Setup the config file, and launch the node?

  • What happens if the stratum server goes offline for a few minutes? Impact on connected clients… and how do they re-connect (manually or automatically?)

  • Assuming there is a database: What database and what data is stored in the database? And what credentials are needed to log into the database? (this would be helpful for making a dashboard or front end UI)

Thank you for any help. :slight_smile:


  • as of running our software it is comparable with running a full node. Actually, coordination server is build-in full node and enabled by config. So, yes, setup and launch. It covers maintenance of rewards etc, so all is in, but still running a pool needs a thought about security and monitoring. We provided business logic. That said, it is our first iteration over pool system. Next step, for us, is to separate it.

  • Currently we re-use the database available in full node. Full node runs as a erlang daemon, so you can attach to the console and query database as you wish. It is not suitable for dashboards etc. Erlang setup assumes it is in safe zone. For dashboards, we intended to extend HTTP endpoints that run on external interface. Later on when stratum is separate, it will be easy to migrate HTTP API as well.