Stratum server mining


Hi AE Team,

as the mining started with some highly possible “unfair” advantage since the (multi) GPU mining was made to work very inefficient as provided by AE team and open to great optimizations by private parties I was wondering if you have some quick plans on making and releasing the stratum server code?

I can see that it was discussed, specified, but then just dismissed for later:

The inefficiency was reported by several miners from the community, acknowledged by members of AE team in this forum and accentuated even by the cuckoo cycle creator John Tromp (Expected 1080 Ti performance).

There is already some practically ready-made multi-platform multi-gpu GPU miner software that would be several fold times quicker than how mining to a node currently works so this would enable more people to join, strengthen the network and distribute the blocks in a definitely way more fair manner than it appears to be happening at this moment.

Even though you may think pools are not beneficial to decentralization but node mining is… the exact opposite exhibition is taking place right now where we observe just a handful of addresses mining 90+% of blocks. I expect that pools and miner sw would start popping up leading to competition for miners thus allowing the decentralization to happen the best it can.

Its not even about the pools -> stratum server in the node would allow at first for the solo miners to be able to run a standalone efficient miner to mine into an epoch node.

Let us know! Thank you.


A launch was done that didn’t at all care about the liveness of the Blockchain created. The Ethereum launch went to greater lengths to ensure that power at beginning and thus wealth is somewhat fairly distributed.

This didn’t happen with Aeternity at all. I feel like the team internal meme was “we do open source software so we don’t need to care if anything ever is fair, if you don’t like something, fix it”. Which, well, what more do I need to say. Other CuckooCycle project’s forums are full of commentary on this launch.