Suggesting to build aens exchange

Aens is an important part of Aeternity ecosystem. So far, thousands of Aens born already, and those names becom unavailable for others. Although we can exchange ae names person to person, we always can not get know whonm is the owner of the names. Thus we need an aens exchange, where we can exchange aens conveniently. In my opinion ae team can provide a fund for aens exchange building. By the way, Chinese community member are very concerned about valid time of aens and they hope the valid time of aens can be extended from 50000 blocks to 1 year or [email protected] emin.chain


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This recommendation should be adopted. A lot of questions and opinions were raised or seen in the forum, but the official didn’t take it seriously. Take the issue of the effective time of ANES, many people think that the effective time of AENS is too short, at least it should be more than one year. With regard to such a simple and important AENS validity time issue, the official has not followed up and dealt with it. It’s really worrying and skeptical. The purpose of AENS is to make it easy for people to use, but will it be convenient if it is only valid for 3 months? Who will pay for trouble? Would you like to use a domain name that is only valid for 3 months or would you use a domain name with a longer validity period? If the current AENS does not increase the effective time, it is a chicken rib. In addition, from many issues, I am very worried about the official team’s thinking, decision-making and marketing capabilities. It is undeniable that Aeternity’s technology is very good, but no matter how good the technology is, no one will use it. We should seriously reflect on how to make it better and let more people use it for the purpose. It is hoped that the officials will pay attention to these issues and solve them immediately.

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I agree with you. Actually aens’ term of validity is too short. It is disadvantageous to both holder and developer.

as already mentioned here we would like to work on this. but currently there is some functionality missing to create a reliable exchange or provide a trustworthy “name-extend-contract” as I would call it

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Once we get to the next hard-fork you should be able to write code like this to extend a name:

  stateful entrypoint extend_if_necessary(addr : address, name : string, ext : int, sig : signature) =
      None => ()
      Some(AENS.Name(_, FixedTTL(expiry), _)) =>
        if(Chain.block_height + 1000 > expiry)
          AENS.update(addr, name, Some(RelativeTTL(ext)), None, None, signature = sig)

I repeat my suggestion for a user poll/vote using the governance app regarding the topic of AENS name registration length.

It is trivial to change from a technical perspective.


I agree here with @hanssv and suggest to start a governance vote on this. I’m personally supporting a longer name period to make it user-friendly. Thinking like a developer or a “machine”, round numbers like 50000 blocks are nicer than 365 days (just as an example), but as names are primarily for humans right now, I guess many community members agree that a longer period (such as “a year”) might be the better choice.

I believe this is a good idea too - we have not received a proposal or application for this yet. If you know a team that would like to build this and apply for a grant we will for sure consider funding such an approach.


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Couldn’t the team push for a vote to extend the validity of AENS? A good team should take the initiative to do something ecologically beneficial. Many times, things like turning on voting should be promoted by the government, and the community is only part of the decision-making process. It is still very early, and the Aeternity community is still too small. The team has an obligation to proactively improve mistakes or unreasonable decisions. And many people in the community don’t know how to start voting. How to start voting? How to count votes? What is the standard? Many of these people don’t know. Who can start voting? Please stand up.
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Yes, it can be initiated by the Foundation. But you can also go and start a vote at any time via it is fully decentralised, everyone can start a voting

There is no standard yet. The voting is a signal from the community to the development team. If it is a simple thing like this, it would be enough to formulate the question in an easy understandable way, like:

Increase the AENS extend time from 50000 blocks to 175200 blocks (~365 days)

All rules and how the governance app works are listed here please take a look!

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Tank you for your reply. I guess Liu Yang is interested in this task, I will talk with him.


Ok, we will try to start a vote according this.

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