Suggestion box in superhero dapp

Is it possible that we have a suggestion box or something like it in aeternity, it could even be part of the superhero app or have a section inside it. It could be a place where ae members, miners, developers, users and non miners can make suggestions about anything from core development, dapps, projects, protocol, documentation, marketing, really anything. People can be tipped if other users like the suggestion and if ae decides to implement said suggestion then the user can also be tipped by aeternity foundation.

It should be a place free from name calling where everyone can feel free to make any suggestion and have it tipped and up or downvoted or ignored. It should be a place where all voices count even if you dont like the suggestion. A place where no one should be called fudders or trolls by anyone within or outside of aeternity team for having a suggestion even if it does not align with the ae teams vision. Afterall, we all have differing views

So basically suggestions can be tipped, ignored, up or downvoted and perferrably in the superhero platform.

Everyone is not a developer but we all have ideas, suggestions and opinions.


Sounds like a governance aepp?

No not at all, this is purely a suggestion box of sorts. And in the govermance there is no tipping and no up and downvoting. Its like a brainstorming box :grinning:

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Nice I like it…really hope Superhero takes off lol