Post Feature

Is their a fee for making new “posts” on or a requirement of holding a certain amount of AE in order to submit a post?

Currently on iOS/iPad mobile safari and macOs chrome/safari/firefox I am unable to submit a new post after creating or using an existing empty AE wallet. The submit button produces a pop up error stating something went wrong without specifying what the error is.

I am unsure if their is a bug in the post feature or if their is a requirement not specified on the site. I haven’t had time to check the source code yet to see what is happening with error.

The post feature is free on, it doesn’t require holding AE which is awesome, and the bug that prevented new posts without holding AE appears to have a fix already in review today on Github. Thanks for the fast turnaround and looking into issue!


Hello, viotech!
Thank you for sharing! Posting without tipping doesn’t work on mobile at all. I reported to the developers, they will soon fix this bug for desktop browsers.