Superhero Feature Requests (feedback from potential users)

This is the thread to provide feedback on requested features, issues and suggestions to increase traffic and usability.

News websites believe that we are trying to hype æternity and using Superhero for free marketing on them, so they send their advertorial packages and ask for money. Their main income is advertorials like they suggest to us, and banner spots, not tips or donations. They say if we can include other cryptos like BTC and ETH, it would be more useful and feasible for them.

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Streamers on Twitch are aware that they are getting ripped by Twitch and Patreon, they know that middle-man fees are absurdly high, but they feel like they are obliged to use these services. They don’t believe that they will get donations via cryptocurrency, so they would be interested if we use some fiat gateway for donations. They believe their followers will only tip in fiat.


Patreon users say that most of their income is from “absentees”. People just subscribe to their pages and pay monthly fees, they forgot to cancel their subscriptions as it is usually a very small, monthly amount. If Superhero has subscription capabilities with hiding some content behind a paywall, it would be a good choice for them.

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A basic implementation guide is a must. We need official documentation for non-technical people. Even website owners or admins sometimes lack basic HTML skills. They have a WordPress website and they mainly use a template done by outsourcing. They need an ELI5 level guide to implement Superhero Button to their websites, social media accounts etc.


Possible push this out to the æbassador network to have a working Superhero Wordpress widget (instead of having to add to the header.php code). @erik.chain do you think this is possible? This would increase ease of use when content creators need to claim their tips. From here we can consider the same for other CMS (Drupal, Joomla, shopify, etc).


If we are in control of the build of Superhero widgets/plugins we can assist a viral uptake of url claiming; by ensuring there is a hotmail type of pass through.

P.S. I love your work, get free tipping at Superhero

  • based on Hotmail’s initial viral campaign when sending an email - (courtesy of @yani.chain)

@ae-omar Do you think it’s realistic to have this as a developer bounty?

I think so, seems pretty simple to do for any wordpress developer. I think we should think a little bit on the definition and scope. Something like this ?


Also, I was thinking on some strategy I saw for content creation. What if when a user support SH content his support (tokens) is multiplied when others support it? It could be optional to the author because he would be sharing his income with the other supporters but could be a way to promote sharing the content. I’ll wait for your comments @erik.chain @magnus.chain .

@ae-omar can you clarify this as it may be a good viral approach but not totally understanding.

Let me try explaining in another way.

Alice post some content on SH and choose the referral support reward option.
So if Bob support that content with 10 AE tokens, Alice will get, let’s say 9 AE tokens and 1 will be kept on the contract for referrals.
If Charles support Alice content with 20 AE tokens then Alice will get 18 AE tokens and Bob along other (previous than Charles supporters) will get 2 AE tokens distributed among them. This way I think we encourage supporters to bring more supporters. I know it’s a pyramid but we are not selling anything here we just reward who spread the word of Alice content and Alice will be very happy :slight_smile:

It’s also important to note that it will matter who supported first. The last supporter will not receive anything until a new supporter appears.

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It actually sounds like a good idea to reward initial supporters this way, also it is also not a pyramid scheme since no one else from the team will get access to these referral tokens. It incentivizes early adopters to bring in more users to the platform (and they will in turn also bring in more users to tip the content they have tipped before). The downside would be that there will be again some sort of commission that content producers need to “pay” to the platform, but they will benefit as they will get more tips in total. I think we would need to set a fixed percentage for these referral tokens that always stays the same to have clear rules and show the content producers that they can trust the platform.

Thanks for your feedback @erik.chain . About the commission, yes but SH still doesn’t see any commission and Alice will always have the option not to choose to reward supporters.

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Any comment on this guys? @magnus.chain @erik.chain do we write something about it with bounties?