Superhero Integration with Hypersign SSI

Hi Guys,

As you know Hypersign is going to be Self Soveregin identity layer on Aeternity, we have been working on integration of Hypersign identity protocol in Superhero wallet and finished off the POC version.

So basically the idea is, Superhero user can use the wallet to be able to login into website that supports Superhero login (think of like Facebook login). The moment user install Superhero wallet and create an account, hypersign did (decentralized identifier ) is issued to the user.


Key differentiator

Here are the list of differences between Facebook and Superhero Auth:

More than authentication…

One can use Superhero (powered by Hypersign) to be able to hold any kind of credential, like Airticket, BankId etc. and not just auth credential.


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Final words…

Currently only one did is being created at the time of generating wallet but in future use will have ability to create as many did as he wants and can use different did for did interactions. I am planning to write a log post titles Hypersign integration with Superhero but not sure if it is too early to publish that or not provided we can not take this feature into production until we are on testnet.

I want to talk about this feature in detail in our meetup. So if you guys think this can be a good topic of discussion, then I can give a talk on the implementation in details and can take questions. I am also seeking some help from superhero developers.

@yani.chain @Vikram @marco.chain @milenradkov.chain


don’t let me miss the meetup and tell us when we can support in testing the integration! :slight_smile:

do you already have a date for the meetup?


waiting for the Superhero Team to respond bro! :smiley:


I am very interested in this


Hey @vishwas_hypermine,

Let’s jump on a call to discuss the integration! Magnus will reach out to you.
We should definitely get this going!


Bro how is sh goin going on?

Sure @Vikram will connect with you guys.