Superhero part 02

Hello Family!

I would like to thank everybody for their amazing contribution to make the world a better place with Superhero and Human Defi hackathon :smiley: :smiley:
On Sunday of 01/11/2020, we have a local Aeternity gathering whereby we have learn the technical and non-technical aspects of superhero and Human Defi hackathon and I ended the meet-up with an AMA session. I was supposed to post the meet-up at least a week before the event but, in my country, there was an election and the government has shut down everything includes the internet and other means of communication in fear of mass protest for unfair election and fake ballot paper. So the only way was to use a VPN and it was so hard to get it if you haven’t download in the first place.
There were no many questions that day maybe people need much more time to digest, so I told them the best place to answer questions is by joining the Aeternity forum.

These are the images of the event
And the video(I still didn’t upload on youtube as it is hard to access and upload here due to extremely poor connection)


Forget to tell you that the meet-up was attended by 13 people we have student, and computer science background individuals .Here is the video of the event as usual enjoy at different quality of your choices.

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