Superhero Relaunch 🔥 #FightBack

The phenomenon that changes social networks forever

Crafted together by peers and communities, Superhero brings new tools and perspective to fight back the social networking monopoly

Do you constantly have a feeling someone is setting the rules, and you do not have a word in it? From today (April 12th, 2021) you finally have the tools to #FightBack.

Rebranded, and empowered with multimedia formats and gif, posting with or without crypto value - Superhero platform, a peer to peer, open-source, user-focused social application is coming refreshed with new functionalities.

Why now?

Old style social media platforms, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp, have long held a firm hold on the way we communicate and express, in every aspect. This sort of centralization of control has allowed for a swatch of third-party meddlers to exist, not only interfering with daily use of these platforms by running targeted, nagging adds, but also by profiting off users without their consent and, frequently, knowledge. In a world in which information is worth more than gold, this system has rendered the users, effectively, a product – ­by profiling their behavior, selling their personal data, and allowing others to exploit their data for profit. No more.

The trick? None.

In stark contrast to centralized social media platforms, Superhero’s code is completely open source, meaning that everybody is invited to fork it, take a look under the hood, and understand how it works. There are no opaque hurdles at play preventing you to see exactly how the algorithm places images and videos before your eyes and people inside your social circle.

Superhero liberates the concept of social media by allowing its users to exist in an environment where there are no third-party constraints. No advertisers, no corporate overlords, no data thieves, leeches, no cooperation with governments or corporations trying to abuse information, censor, ban, or demonetize community members on a whim. No intermediaries, no hurdles - just a way to #FightBack.

Freedom? Absolutely.

“Content monetization has historically been a tug-of-war between third party advertisers, data thieves, host platforms and lastly the creators themselves,” said Yanislav Mahalov, Founder of the æternity blockchain, the underlying tech that powers Superhero. “Superhero is putting the control back in the hands of the people, making it easier than ever to support creators from every industry.”

All major decisions about the structure and the dynamics of Superhero are made in a democratic fashion. Everybody is invited to pitch in, have their voices heard, and vote on the path they wish the platform to take. And if no agreement can be reached – that’s ok too! Superhero’s code can be forked into further networks, just like Linux, Bitcoin, and Ethereum have split into multiple versions. There are no limits on the creativity of the human mind.

It’s time, now, for you, yes – you! – to pick up the mantle of a Superhero and start off on your quest. It’s time for true believers and big dreamers. It’s time to realize the power you wield.

From crowdfunding campaigns, NFT, starting your own DAO, or simply tipping for content and cause you value – Superhero social application allows anyone to benefit from connections and peers, without any intermidiary who gets a cut, or tracks you.

“Now more than ever, we believe in the mission of empowering people to support other people,” Mahalov added.

Anchored on the powerful, open-source æternity blockchain, Superhero is defined by the users’ basic right to be fully in control of their online identity, data, and personal information. Retaining your non-censorable freedom of speech and expression, through completely peer-to-peer-based interactions with other users, secured by top-notch cryptographic algorithms, stay in control of your content and data in the public environment of a new social media platform for the modern world.

Now is the time to realize the power we wield. It’s time to use our collective power of will and fight back the suffocating control and centralization of our communication and interaction channels.

Let’s #FightBack


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Follow the official updates: FightBack.chain


Let’s go and #FightBack !


Great update! Love the new design and message :fire::loud_sound: Plus, now you can create posts on without tipping and use GIF images :smiley::clap:


Join the official community and tell us your opinion, feedback and how you #FightBack!


Here is also a super video for the relaunch :fire::superhero:


Yes! Invite you all to check & tip :slight_smile:


Here’s a (something that I’ve been yelling about for the past probably 6 months that continues to be just plain ignored) comment.

The information density and the resultant user experience on the Superhero website - is complete and utter bleeeep.

Just look at the difference that’s possible. And tell me why it’s STILL like the one on the left! I actually want to keep scrolling on the right and not just throw my phone at a wall on the left!


And it’s ever WORSE on the desktop!


Hi @swift, thanks, received on all channels! Superhero mobile first is under the work, so very soon this will be fixed. What you think about new Wallet look & functionalities?

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Thanks, @aniputapet.chain Haven’t noticed wallet look/functionality change, to tell you the truth. I mean, I’ve not used it since the change.

Glad to hear that the Superhero UI might be improving! Consider rushing it, It would take one dev. probably a day to just adjust the margins and put the words in different locations - would already make a ton of difference! :slight_smile:


all I can say is that my recent feedback was tackled almost immediately. I like to see the progress here and I am curious about the next upcoming updates.

as @aniputapet.chain told on telegram the team is working on a dedicated mobile app for Superhero that includes a wallet.

btw please check this post out and provide us feedback to

if you haven’t seen it yet you can also take a look at the new landing page of Superhero:


When can the superhero be released?

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Hello @EDS, the next release, or? Can you please provide explanation of the question

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I am an eternal fan from China. I want to know the specific release time of Hyperchain Heroes. I’m sorry I can’t help you.


I think you can offer a patch on github if you wanted to. I’ve been thinking of doing this myself because the wallet has some crazy messages it suggests when you tip someone on youtube.


That’s a great idea! Superhero is yours as much as ours – please, feel free to contribute on Github or provide more feedback!


We’re working around the clock to gather feedback and improve Superhero - thanks to you and your help! :fist:

Updates will be more frequent and available to all of us on the Github and platform. Said that, Superhero Wallet V6.0.1. is already up & running, and here you can find all the details :woman_shrugging:t2::exploding_head::blush:


New Dev update is expected soon > meanwhile, help us - feedback / suggest / invite friends to try Superhero decentralised social application network, it’s quite important to have as much as possible comment at this stage so we can #together improve whats needed !

P.S. Traditional social media is centralized (as we all know), but in order to spread a word about the Superhero values, we have to use them at the moment and you are all invited to connect & share Superhero updates on the following channels: Twitter & Linkedin