Superhero tips not seen

I was tipped by superhero users and I tried claiming it . It should me pending but haven’t received the coin for days now

Hello @Prynxx, kindly follow this video to learn claim tips sent on Superhero:


Any luck? It looks like tips have been claimed by someone who verified your URL before you could and claimed your tips. I’ve asked SH support about this but never get a reply

Hi @ominous.chain, could you please share me a link to the SH tip and the SH user profile so we can investigate more about this?

ak_2vENviBUhrnb3EuvmR2zkQuVwvuBR9Qj3pdQFndiX7xUgLTJPf … Is the account key to the profile… I could see that someone else has claimed my 4 tips and I never received any explanation from SH support after 2 emails as to where the tips had gone and it all just seemed a bit fishy so I deleted the account

Hey @ominous.chain,

sorry to hear you are disappointed. I checked your tips and it is possible that not all of them found their rightful owner. This is mainly due to the kind of pages you tipped. When someone is claiming a tip the oracles query that page and verify that the public key or chain name is indeed on the page. If this is the case, the claim is considered valid and the contract pays out the money. When looking at your first three tips (, and you can clearly see that there are a lot of different addresses on the page. Meaning everyone whos address is in the html can claim these tips. So be careful which websites you are tipping. For your last tip ( it looks like this has been claimed by @milenradkov.chain. If you ever want to know who claimed the tips feel free to check where the last part should be replace with the id of the tip.


Thanks, my main issue is tips that I was sent, coming up as claimed, but not by me, my Wallet was never credited with my tips, so where did they go? I’d like to use superhero but its confusing and seems flawed. A colleague of mine directly tipped my superhero profile and I never received it although it comes up as claimed and my URL is verified

@ominous.chain did your colleague tip the URL of your profile or did he copy/paste your wallet address? In that case that might be the problem, as tips can only be sent to URLs and not to wallet addresses or chain.names.

Profile URL was tipped. I think I will do to SH what I did with the AENS. Come back to it once the flaws have been fixed and their is a proper tutorial and a polished working product. Keep up the good work and good luck guys

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If a project is financially benefiting from people making mistakes using one of their apps, why would they fix these mistakes at all or be transparent and tell people that they can only send to ak?