SuperheroDex Bug feedback and optimization

SuperheroDex needs to be optimized for mobile.

It works fine on the computer side. But it often gets stuck on the phone.

Add liquidity, TokenA and TokenB often appear opposite, resulting in incorrect addition.

In SWAP, in the TokenA input quantity, tokenB automatically calculates the quantity, usually needs to change a token, such as modifying TokenA, you need to keep the tokenB number unchanged rather than tokenA.

Do you mind sharing your feedback here please: æternity DEX Feedback

Can you submit it for you? I can’t open it

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Hi @LiuShao, just submitted the first issue directly to the corresponding Github repo for you:

The second one I didn’t understand properly, could you please show screenshots to show what you mean?

@LiuShao thanks for sharing your feedback. Regarding adding liquidity: Token A <–> Token B is the same pool as Token B <–> Token A. So unless you specify the wrong amounts everything should work out fine.

Could you provide us with some infos about your mobile device? Which browser, device and operating system are you using and for which tokens do you see the problem?

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In any device, any browser has an inverted problem. I will give you a screenshot.

In the picture, the numbers in the AE and WTT pools are opposite.

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The program error caused the liquidity that cannot be added normally. Like the picture, it makes the proportion wrong. The correct proportion should be 1AE = 280WTT

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@erik.chain @keno.chain

Like the picture, 280WTT = 1AE. When I change the second column token (AE) is other, such as ABC, then the number of WTT in the first column should be reserved 280, not the number of second columns 1

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Thanks for the examples. I will take a look and create an issue from it.


The issue is solved. Please try again :slight_smile: