SuperheroDex multi-language - Simplified Chinese

以下是SuperheroDex 多语言简体中文中的json文件。
Below is the json file in SuperheroDex multi-language Simplified Chinese i18n.

I have finished the translation, only a small part of it remains in English.

zh-cn.json (7.1 KB)

At the same time, I submitted an Issues, feedback a crash bug, and a warning.

Wow, thanks for this @LiuShao!

@erik.chain Generally, do you not submit a code, should I submit it to the developer? Or person in charge? @keno.chain is responsible for this matter?

you can fork the repo and provide a PR including the json with chinese language

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I don’t understand how to do it.
pull requests?? I tried it tomorrow.

Yes, pull request on Github repository

I have already submit PR