SuperheroLeague — Covid-19, Blockchain, and Privacy, April 16, 2020

Hello all,

The next SuperheroLeague will explore the intersection between Covid-19, Blockchain, and Privacy. Join us on April 16th at 4 PM CEST.

Here’s the agenda:

Entrepreneur Stage

16:00-16:05: Introduction & Announcements

16:05-16:15: Overview of the current blockchain solutions for tracking Covid-19

16:15-16:25: Tracking infection safely and privately using Blockchain: WeTrace by Alessandro De Carli

16:25-16:50: How can tracking solutions help stop the pandemic while preserving privacy - A panel with Alessandro De Carli (WeTrace), Bastian Blankenburg (UTU), Theo Goodman (NYM)

16:50-17:10: Non-blockchain vs Blockchain tracking solutions (i.e Google/Apple). A critical overview - A Fireside Chat with Theo Goodman (NYM) and Clifton Hartsuff (Nominet)

17:10-17:30: Privacy erosion in the time of corona from legal standpoint - A Firestride Chat with Anja Blaj (Future Law institute) and Vyara Savova (Sofia Legal Hackers)

17:30 -18:00: Conclusion session: Brainstorming with the audience (Q&A and opinions)

18:00 - Networking

Developer Stage

16:00: Welcome

16:10: Building a games vending æpp from scratch - Live coding of an æpp - Emmanuel Umeh, Blockchain developer and Sophia smart contract mentor (Jos, Nigeria)

17:00: Franchesca.aes - A Sophia smart contract that facilitates domestic service payments at home - Fabián Hernandez, Bogotá æmbassador & free software advocate

17:40: Ask Me Anything - Philipp Piwowarsky @philipp.chain

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