Swap verified on etherscan but not showing up on AE


Hi there,

I did the swap online and my etherscan says it was successful but I dont see it on the AE site. It says I donated 0 AE from my address.

Can anyone help me please


Hi @rk1995 ,

If you have finished migration process, the tokens will be available after the next hardford.
You can easily check your mainnet address through here:https://aepp-migrate.aeternity.com/#/status/result to check your status of your migration.



It shows 0 there


Please kindly share your tx of your transaction, thank you!


Hey @rk1995, as answered already in the other thread, please wait until the hard fork is executed and check again then.


So its supposed to show 0 here until the hardfork?

this is my tx btw:



Yes, it’s supposed to show 0. But since you did the migration after the deadline for Phase 2, your tokens will probably migrate in Phase 3. Please wait until the hard fork and tell us what’s the status then :wink:


Your migation was successful:

Go here: https://verify-data.aeternity.com

And paste this (your data payload):