Takeaways from Berlin Blockchain Week

Hi folks, these are my notes from Berlin Blockchain Week. Met so many people and such great conversations, it took some time to distill them down into useful tidbits here!

Uniswap: Oracles that are not necessarily smart contracts trapped within the blockchain’s VM are very useful (yes, we have them)

Question: what can a Layer 1 do to make life easier for Layer 2 devs?
MVP Workshop

  1. there is a lot of boilerplate in batching Ethereum internal transactions to save gas. if you could somehow solve that…
  2. The IDE is very important. There is a new IDE for Solidity development called http://tenderly.dev (it sure looks good, what happened to our IDE?)
  3. Also, there are many shims between the input and output of unrelated smart contracts, to convert the returns from one smart contract to pass into the next smart contract. Maybe aeternity could establish a standard for this?

Rick Dudley (MakerDAO)
HashTimelock smart contract libraries please! (should be trivial)
Light clients (I don’t think we have these, nor do we need them)
True finality, because chain can fork underneath you at any time (PoW approaches 100% finality but never quite gets there, should look into other consensus algorithms)

On Community Building
David Vorick from Siacoin cites Ethereum, Monero, Decred, Zcash, Sia, Grin, Dogecoin as projects that have done a great job with their community. Dogecoin in particular shouldn’t exist at all because it has no economic value but still does, just because of its community!

I think aeternity does not have a good community because it does not have a good rallying call and actual use cases. We are putting a lot of effort into building out features. Tooling has only just gotten usable, but equal effort should be put into explaining what AE is to the layman in 3 words. “Ethereum but better”, although viable, isn’t exactly inspiring. IOTA has a clearer message, although of course it isn’t even running on IoT devices.


Thanks a lot for sharing this in the Forum!