Tech partnership

Hello everyone an new,
I was wondering if there are programa/s interested to partner with me to develop aepps.
I will share the details with any interested party.

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Hey @Okenze

Go ahead and share your ideas here - you’ll definitely find support, partners and feedback.


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Thanks @ae-albena,
1: I want to create a decentralized social media/market place that uses reward system like that of steem the principal aim of it is to use it as a means to create digital identity for a particular community.
It will also have a verification icon like that of twitter/instagram.
With up and down vote like reddit. Also like reddit it will have channels/sub.
There are more little details to be added of course.

2: Another thing I want is to create a decentralized live video hosting platform that can enable individuals and communities to share there security cameras.
With a kind of permission system for who can view the images.

3: a decentralized online school system that looks like but with a reward system based on student feedback and other meters

There are other little things I think about that can also be created.

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Thank you, all great ideas - @emin.chain and @lukaskywalker.chain can help you with directions and partnerships.


Hi Okenze,

there ideas are very nice and a good starting point. However Ideas are worth very little, execution is what matters. We usually help the best and the most motivated people trough various programs - like Starfleet, hackathons, but there is some level of maturity people will need to pass with the ideas in order to qualify for that.

The first thing I suggest you do is to try to rethink your ideas from problem/solution angel. First, ask yourself what is the problem idea under 1/2/3 is trying to address. Then verify if this problem is real (if there are people out there who share this problem and are willing to use/pay such a solution to that particular problem.

The next step is going to be to figure out if this is a viable idea from the business side (can it be developed into a sustainable business), check revenue sources, validate they are real and see if it firs.

Then see how the cost structure looks like (I’m guessing you are not a developer right? If not your main efforts initially are going to be development cost - thats why my suggestion is to start with something small that can verify the idea works (usually called an MVP). Once you crrate plans for it we can start the discussion on how to help.

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions


Thanks @lukaskywalker.chain, you are very correct in your assessment, however some of this ideas are shared by a lot of people from my community.
Blockchain & cryptocurrencies promised to be the salvation of so many different ethnic groups trapped in Nigeria.
The first ideas (socialmedia/marketplace) was born out of the need for the people to be free from all kinds of outside meddling both in culture and politics. For example: Facebook blocked the account of more than 1000 political & social activist this year alone. Thousands of fotos and video evidences of gross human rights violations were removed from the Internet.
Hence the need for a decentralized community based social platform that would be regulated by each community. The marketplace also I believe would be wildly adopted because of the stupid government regulations that requires every account owner to pay 10% for any fund transferred to any account currently in Nigeria.
Another problem it (socialmedia/marketplace) would help solve is the issue of identity management. Nigeria has no universally applied identity management system, there are nowhere to record death or birth. If somehow we can create this app with all the details it would require, It could represent true SSI with each community being responsible for its own verification. What I had in mind was to have a stage by stage verification with different colors representing different stages of verification.
I can go on and on about what I want to do with each of the apps I like to have created but the truth is the problems I am trying to solve is real and a lot of people really wants the solutions found & many I know would also want to support.

You are correct I am not a developer hence my difficulties, If only I know how to go about creating the first MVP.