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Good evening, I may be given an example of an off-chain oracle application. On the other hand, I would like to know if it is possible to digitally sign a pdf document using the public and private key of my wallet. Thankful for the attention, Greetings

Yes you can sign any arbitrary data with your keypair using the sdk.


Grateful for the prompt response. I will review your recommendation

I see that messages can be signed. The question is if you can sign pdf documents and substitute the signing of documents through electronic certificates. Thank you

@milenradkov.chain Can you assist here?

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Technically you can sign any binary or file with your keypair.

As far as I’m aware the signature is being appended to the pdf when signing with certificate usually (using popular pdf readers and tools).

You will have to implement some software of your own in order to be able to sign and verify documents with your keypair.


Excellent is what I imagine, if I already have I have worked with some of that to sign the pdfs. Thank you for your response and I keep you updated on the progress in this regard. regards

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I could be remembering incorrectly, but I think @ae-omar may have worked on something similar not too long ago.


Great if @ae-omar shared his experience, thanks @justin

Thanks @justin! What we worked was related to blind signature . Doesn’t seem to be the subject but @mgomez tell me if you need further information.


Grateful for your prompt response to e-omar. I will review the topic and if you need more information I will let you know, regards