Technical to Creative Aeternity Questions

What technical aspects of Aeternity are the most unique or would best show the creative capabilities of the chain versus other Layer 1s?


I would start with a low transaction confirmation time, and super cheap fees

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Sophia/FATE, State channels, and generalized accounts would be my top three.

The details have been covered before. For the first there is a good video covering how (by design) Sophia/FATE avoids common pitfalls for the last one I had a presentation at the Aeternity Universe Three covering how GAs are essentially all that Ethereum tries to (re-)invent with Account Abstraction.

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Hi @hanssv.chain. I’ve read the docs about Generalized accounts here:

I can see how GAs are different from Plain Old Accounts (POAs) from a technical standpoint, but my understanding of how these affect uses cases is still not clear.

For example, I understand how complex signing schemes may support a wider variety of custody use cases that enterprises with particular security and access protocols might need. In what other cases would someone need alternative signing schemes?

Can transactions be initiated and signed by data from Oracles or off chain data?

How would users experience the simplicity of how generalized account functions are carried out versus how these functions are carried out via POAs on other chains? Isn’t most of that complexity, for example on Ethereum (ERC-4337), hidden from end users behind nested smart contracts anyway?

There are a few more use-cases I’ve seen mentioned

  • Social recovery
  • Time locks and spending limits
  • Sponsored transactions (especially involving PayingForTx)
  • Paying for Tx using AEX-9 tokens (though I’m not sure that is technically solvable)

That said, I don’t think it is expected that users interact directly with GAs, rather that it is hidden behind some clever Aepp logic. Just like the complexity of ERC-4337 is hidden and abstracted as you observed!

And no, oracles can’t initiate transactions .

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Thanks for the reply. Now I’m thinking more broadly about what is possible.

What about NFT signing: could one mint a set of AEX-141 NFTs and create GA smart contract logic to authorize the owners of the NFTs in the collection to execute transactions without the key to the original contract?

Essentially, that would allow transferable access to a smart contract functions via tradable NFTs.

If GAs allow cross-chain transaction signing, then theoretically NFTs minted on other chains could sign transactions on the GA smart contract. Would that be possible under the current framework?

That is an interesting question, I tried to come up with a way to do something like this, but I don’t think it is possible to do this directly. The limitation is that the GAs authorize logic is not allowed to do remote calls (calls to other contracts) - therefore it can’t check who owns an NFT. What you could do is a two step process, where an NFT owner first tells the GA that it will do a TX and then do it. (Usual care needs to be taken to not allow the same “secret” to be used multiple times, etc). I guess you could also tie the NFT contract to the GA contract (or let them be the same contract!) - again carefully avoid not accepting the same “signature” multiple times.

Disclaimer: I haven’t thought long and hard about this so these ideas are just ideas.

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