Test Contract IDE Improvements


I have started working on a new contract on the https://testing.playground.aepps.com/editor page, it is super nice that i can automatically deploy a contract and test it, but it feels like the page is not fully completed and the user experience is a big issue.

In my opinion the following things would make the user experience much better:

  • Changing the account or creating a new account with a permanent session, sometimes I would like to run the same contract with a different account, to make sure interactions between multiple users are working
  • Following up on a similar issue, if you refresh or kill your tab the contract disappears and the work you have done went to /dev/null which is not the greatest experience for a developer.
  • The compiler error messages are super vague and it makes debugging the contract harder, it would be nice if some additional effort is put in creating more descriptive messages in general.
  • The documentation is great and it is easy to follow, except for the standard libraries, which is not really clear do they have to be included or not explicitly. I have found that some of the tutorial examples provided are also out of date.
  • Adding a drop down for the function names would be also beneficial because it would make the workflow much faster, it’s a pain in the ass that you have to write the function name everytime, plus it would be nice if the arguments were in the placeholder, so I don’t have to scroll everytime to check the function prototypes.
  • Probably deprecating or redirecting from the old page (https://testnet.contracts.aepps.com/) here would be beneficial because that was the first page I found and took me a while to find the new playground.
  • Autocomplete for the includes and the standard lib would be nice (List.aes)

Hope this will be helpful to you guys to make a better customer experience, as well I’m a big fan and hopefully a production consumer soon, so looking forward to your answer.


@martingrigorov.chain I think we should add some sort of indicator on the playground that it is experimental and other online editors should be used, e.g. fire or contract editor.


Yes we will add labels to point that both Contracts Aepp and The Playground will be deprecated. We will also point here when this is done.

@chefsale I can recommend to use the fire editor located here : http://fireeditor.nikitafuchs.de/

This is currently the most maintained IDE.


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