The æternity (AE) mining pool has now launched F2Pool!


Dear miners,

The Aeternity (AE) mining pool has now launched on F2Pool! Take advantage of the high profits to mine AE during the bear market.

Mining Address:

Visit F2Pool labs for more information:



Link toward the tutorial doesnt work.
I am not sure i understood if you have your own miner, like beepool. Not sure that beepool has its own miner lol, but it’s written in chinese so i guess so.
If you have your own miner, please post a link outside china.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Any chance for a linux version (ubuntu) ?



So if Yandex translated it right, you have to have mineros in order to mine aeternity…


yes, it takes 5 minutes to install and configure everything


Please find some miners for AMD Cards there are lot of users waiting for this solution.


Pools seem like a way that GPUs that could not find a block on their own can take credit from those that do. E.g., I read here that a 1060 or less cannot mine cuckoo because they do not have enough GPU memory.
Vlad flushes decentralization. I hope he never uses that word again.


The algorithm is memory intensive, if you don’t have at least 4GB you can’t mine it, period. 1060 can mine it, if you have the 6GB version.


In less than two days pools have fully centralized AE mining and destroyed it for individuals.


Were you not here at launch? where 6 miners had it destroyed for individuals since day 1 ?


It is actually far more profitable (in theory) than any other POW coin, even with those big miners. There is no need to be upset, we only need some exchanges now.


Not sure i want an exchange now… I see miners dump incoming lol. An exchange when btc 6k why not…


Everyone will sell when exchanges come, BTC price doesn’t matter much, this downtrend market is killing everyone. Hopefully, BTC recovers a little until exchanges come so AE price doesnt drop significantly.


AE tutorial English version will coming recently, please be patient and while the tutorial publish I’ll let you know.


You can try mineros.


Thanks for your suggestions.
We also try to find solutions for this issue. If we get solutions I’ll let you know.


@F2Pool can you please explain payout procedure for f2pool ? Nobody answers in Discord, no public documentation.


The F2Pool web page has way too much wasted space that needs to removed. Should be able see graph and summary on a single page.

It would also be nice if a column was added showing which miner version is hashing.

The hash graph should show actual data and not just smoothed average data.