The æternity Blockchain Naming System (AENS) is Here!

It’s not about the cost. The key is that the validity period is too short. Who has so much energy to watch? Would it be very troublesome to have more than one name? Accidentally expired, but the validity period of real gold and silver is so short?

I’m a big fan of aeternity, and I understand the team’s approach on many issues. But I can’t understand the setting of AENs validity period. I’m disappointed. It should have been easy to understand. As a user, even if I only have one name, the name will be used for a long time, but if I want to extend it every 100 days, the experience is really bad,Let alone people with many names,because the validity period is set too short. That’s what a lot of people want. Why is the team so persistent on this issue? Isn’t that community governance? The team should listen to the community more. Perhaps a vote should be taken. I sincerely hope Aeternity is better.

This is the appeal of many people. They hope to face up to it and make a more correct choice

what do you mean by this? Isn’t if I spend 100 AE on a domain and after 100 days I have to spend another 100 AE which mean 300 AE every year? Or did I understand this incorrectly?

seems like you interpreted it wrong. the nameFee is only required for the claim. afterwards you can update your domain with a simple transaction (NameUpdateTx) with almost zero fees to set pointers and/or to extend the TTL of the domain.

  • currently the update needs to be performed every 50000 blocks
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The 100 days expire is too short, many users here is complaining about this (me too).

Hope dev team can increase it to 1 year like Domain Name, Ethereum name is 1 year, too.



I experience wierd issue…
I bid on name and won it, but the counter keeps running (negative count) and I can’t see domain I won as mine but when I try to bid on it again it says “Already registered”.
Can I have some assistance with this?