The Akshwani Haeck is live on devpost!

In ancient India, the oracle was referred to as the* Akshwhani *, meaning a voice without a body, unseen, or a voice coming from the sky… and the challenge for this haeck is to plug that voice into the blockchain to unveil the full potential of trust-less applications.

In this occasion we are raising up the prizes bar to 50K , having more awards and including also state channels in the webinars.

This will be another perfect occasion for people to learn the unique advantages of æternity and most importantly to build meaningful use cases with it and continue growing the æcosystem

Again there is a prize for the best mentor of 1000 USD , all you have to do ae marshalls is to be supportive in the discord group so people vote on you as the nest mentor for the haeck!

Registering is already opened in

Hope to see you hæcking @Ambassadors and everyone !


Thanks for Sharing Alex,
This is indeed a big hackathon.


Let’s get ready to ruuuumblee!! :boxing_glove: :trophy: :fire: