The EU wants to standardize blockchains' scalability?


Hey everyone,

The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum recently published a report on blockchains’ scalability, interoperability and sustainability, whose aim is to create standards for all those metrics.

What do you think - is it possible to standardize scalability, and if yes - how?
Wouldn’t standards just limit creativity and innovation?

And one more question - in order to set up standards for something, you should first be able to measure it, right? And how do you really measure a blockchain’s sustainability at this point? According to the report, some of the success factors in this regard are a clear purpose and vision + good governance.

However, we have witnessed that well-established and working projects have suffered from the bear market, and/or were forced to lay off people. So, so many other factors could impact a project’s viability and development.

Share what you think :slight_smile: