The expiration of AENS is currently 50000 blocks (104 days)

Currently, the expiration of AENS is 50000 blocks(~104 days) since the claimTX.

As Redcan mentioned:

104 days might be too short for an inactive user.

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I’m a big fan of aeternity, and I understand the team’s approach on many issues. But I can’t understand the setting of AENs validity period. I’m disappointed. It should have been easy to understand. As a user, even if I only have one name, the name will be used for a long time, but if I want to extend it every 100 days, the experience is really bad,Let alone people with many names,because the validity period is set too short. That’s what a lot of people want. Why is the team so persistent on this issue? Isn’t that community governance? The team should listen to the community more. Perhaps a vote should be taken. I sincerely hope Aeternity is better.

This is the appeal of many people. They hope to face up to it and make a more correct choice

Don’t worry, boss~ it’s still the early stage of AENS :grinning:

This sounds like a perfect thing to try the community governance at!?

Since the validity period is under consensus (names that expire are removed from the state trees and thus affects the state root-hash) it can only be changed with a hard-fork! But changing it once a new (longer) value is decided upon is easy.


That’s a nice idea for trying the community governance~

There is no evil agenda and strong position behind 100 days.
The team is not persistent about it. This is the first time we get feedback on that.

Personally I proposed 365 + 364.

I recommend to find more proponents of this change, propose it, maybe vote?
It’s trivial to change and include in the next hardfork.
Also main pools are now very approachable, so if you coordinate with them, we could even push that sooner in lighter release.

Glad someone is using AENS, waiting for more comments and requests for features!

Fantastic idea! Let us do that.

we published our java application which allows to claim and update domains here:

at least for java developers this should be a good starting point how to automate this :slight_smile:

the bigger question is how to automate AND make absolutely sure that your private key cannot be compromised.

It has to use secure wallet. Maybe integrate with some proven solution?

If it’s a big stakes game later on, the automation has to deal with time constrains guarantees:
what is a host fails, what if connection fails, etc.

But thats for future I guess