The first AE mining chicken was born today!


Hahah, call it “Yani” :smiley:


Good idea




Nice! Doing good things with Blockchain technology!


Hey @Liu can you build an aepp that feeds the chicken every time we send ae-tokens to the feeding machine? Inclusive livestream please :slight_smile:


That’s very cool!!!

The software and hardware are not difficult, maybe a raspberry as the controller and stream server is enough.

I’ll tell the chicken’s master about this idea~he is far from me.


I pay for the hardware purchase! Send me a list!


Thanks very much~that’s a good news!

I am communicating Mr Liu, who is the owner of the chickens.

Any reply, I’ll let you know~




The success rate of incubating is not high, only about 40%, and the normal is ~85%.

He will improve the way of heat using and try again.

He is very interested in the idea you mentioned too, but for now, no spare time for him to go further.


What a great idea of combining two useful technologies! Hope further you will find the best solution for incubating and achieve success. Good luck!


Oh my gosh, that’s insane, you guys are amazing


No worries! Good luck i’ll follow this threat.


This is a great idea. I like it:)


The second day of birth


The 5th day of birth


lfh2msn is the creator!

Welcome home!




They grow so fast!:heart_eyes:


Now crypto world is open for animals as well :laughing: