The first AE mining chicken was born today!




They grow so fast!:heart_eyes:


Now crypto world is open for animals as well :laughing:


That’s great! Actually I didn’t believe in this idea at first.


The hatching rate is some low, but it might be improved.

I use one of my miner as clothes dryer, works fine, but a bit noisy :joy:


Wow! Cool news. They are pretty)


Why not? What made you doubt it?


haha creative idea! but there is no water from drying clothes?


I believe that you can find another solution to improve the hatching rate :+1: because it is a great idea of using mining for other purposes and you can make it, I’m sure :wink:


Because it was so strange and unusual to see such an idea!


Thanks, it was done by @ lfh2msn

I just posted the interesting story at the beginning. :grin: