The first meeting in Istanbul city held on the 22nd of February

I had my first meeting in Istanbul this week and it was a really good participation. Half of those who come to the meeting are my close friends. other participants were people who were curious about cryptocurrency, and some of them had experience and some developers I invited.
Some of those who came to the meeting were new to blockchain technology. so I talked about blockchain technology first
I told them bitcoin and how it became popular. of course i mentioned satoshi nakamoto
I talked about smart contracts and what will be these solutions.
Usually everyone was very interested in bitcoin and wanted to know the short history of bitcoin.People who were experienced in this field before, wanted to get information about what æeternity project is providing solutions and application development. They also mentioned that the software language is easy and is an advantage for developers.
People who knew the software were very curious about application development. some talked about betting. I talked to a few developers and told them to visit the website.

I am already excited about my second meeting. I will invite a larger community and people with more experience in this regard for the next meeting.


Thank you so much for sharing this.

We are looking forward to more photos and highlights from your future meetups. Keep spreading the word about æternity :slightly_smiling_face:

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