The Human DeFi Hæck is live!

Hi everyone!!

It is a pleasure to announce that our DeFi Hæckathon is live on and will be running from Nov. 10th to Dec. 10th with more than 140.000 $AE in prizes (equivalent of 16.000 USD at today’s price).

We felt the need to contribute to a #HumanDefi movement, while showing the world why æternity is the best protocol to build DeFi solutions, so here we are, steering financial interactions from predation to symbiosis, together !

The hæck will have a very heavy educational focus with 10 days of webinars, to make sure that meaningful solutions built on æternity emerge from the Hæckathon , with the support of all the community, either as participants or mentors.

We aim for devs not yet familiar with æternity joining the hæckathon, so this support is crucial to make the community and use cases on æternity grow. will also play an important role in the hæck, not only because it will be used to send and receive tips by participants, and being able to do team meetings, but also because one of the top tier prizes is aimed to projects that build on top of .

Join the Human DeFi Hæck and check all the info in

We can’t wait to continue unveiling DeFi potential to foster financial inclusion and enable new economies to thrive on the æternity network !

Have a great weekend!!


Oooooooh, this is really really good. Cheers, @aelex and the rest of the team!


Thanks a lot for the support @swift!! have a great weekend!

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I am eager to see the ideas and their implementation!


Hi everyone!!! The complete agenda of webinars for the haeckathon has just been published.

We will have an amazing series of technical workshops for people to learn about ae development, more than 8 hours of educational content that will remain available for anyone that want to learn about ae. You can check the full agenda on devpost here

Agenda Overview

Nov 9th @ 16 CET Warming UP : DeFi AMA session (1 hr)

Nov 10th @ 16 CET Human DeFi Haeck Kick off (1hr)

Nov 11th @ 16 CET DeFi 4 Humanity ( 2hrs)

Nov 13th @ 16 CET Intro to æternity and use cases (1.5 hrs)

Nov 16th @ 16 CET Basic understanding of Sophia programming language (2hrs)

Nov 17th @ 16 CET Superhero under the hood (1 hr)

Nov 18th @ 16 CET Advanced Sophia + AEproject (2.5 Hrs)

Nov 19 th @ 16 CET From product design to Ecosystem Design (2Hrs)

Nov 20th @ 16 CET Decentralized team building (2 hrs)

Nov 23 th @ 16 CET Ae Oracles + AEX9 fungible tokens (2 Hrs)

Sessions description

Nov 9th @ 16 CET Warming UP : DeFi AMA session (1 hr)

We will be running an ask me anything sessions to get deeper into the DeFi space. This AMA, co organised with Piixpay will have the participation of prominent DeFi players such as Aave, Jelly Swap, Piixpay or SmartCredit

Nov 10th @ 16 CET Human DeFi Haeck Kick off (1hr)

After the warm-up AMA session, we will kick off of the haeck and welcome the participants. Feel free to share your doubts and questions and exchange cool ideas to #Buidl.

Nov 11th @ 16 CET DeFi 4 Humanity ( 2hrs)

How DeFi protocols can bring Socio-Economic Inclusion? From passive charity through yield farming to social liquidity mining through bonding curves. Webinar held by the blockchain 4 Humanity foundation.

Nov 13th @ 16 CET Intro to aeternity and use cases (1.5 hrs)

During this session you will get to know more about æternity’s main features like lightning fast transactions, the Bitcoin-NG consensus, key & micro blocks transactions, low fees, scaling off-chain with state channels, built-in protocol oracles and the naming system, as well as generalized accounts, the FATE VM and last but not least æternity’s very own Sophia smart contract language. You will also learn about two use cases that leverage the unique capabilities of the æternity blockchain protocol.

Nov 16th @ 16 CET Basic understanding of Sophia programming language + Aestudio quick run (2 hrs)

We will present æternity’s Smart Contract language Sophia: How it works, what kind of language it is, explaining its nomenclature. We will create our very first contract with Sophia and deploy it on the testnet. Finally we will have a hands-on session to make our own To-Do List. We will also present an outstanding online editor for Sophia smart contract development, AE Studio! Where to find it, how it works and the essentials of this great tool. Ending with a demo of a couple of smart contact examples.

Nov 17th @ 16 CET Superhero under the hood (1 Hr)

In this session we will cover the Superhero architecture for you to understand how to build awesome features on top of Superhero and to understand more about its existing functionalities.

Nov 18th @ 16 CET Advanced Sophia + AEproject (2.5 hrs)

We will run a session of Advanced use of Sophia where we learn about remote contract calling, payable contracts, generalised accounts usage and more, you will also learn how to use æproject to run locally your own nodes, smart contracts, test suite and deploy your platform.

Nov 19 th @ 16 CET From product design to Ecosystem Design (2 hrs)

b4H facilitators will be sharing Best Practices and Design Thinking Techniques as well as tangible examples for guidance to come up with meaningful solutions.

Nov 20th @ 16 CET Decentralised team building (2 hrs)

b4H will be delivering an online workshop oriented in optimization in terms of purpose affinity and technical skills. This process allows haeckers to come up together and build up the best possible teams.

Nov 23th @ 16 CET Oracles + AEX 9 Fungible tokens (2 hrs)

In this session we will cover practical examples (Sophia) on how Oracles work and how they can be used for DeFi, and how fungible tokens are deployed on the æternity network.


Hi everyone!! Just wanted to share the playlist in which every webinar of the #HumanDefi haeck is being uploaded so you can check it at any time… and mostly important share with anyone that has interest in learning about aeternity development and its unique features. This is probably the greatest structured educational effort we have made so far so let us bring it to as many people as possible!!


@aelex exactly!! Let’s bring æducation to all developers out there :smile: :smile: Here are some screenshots from today’s intro to Sophia session with our great mentors @ae-omar and @nikitafuchs.chain

Also find all educational resources for the Haeck (and new developers in general) here:


Here are more awesome updates from the Haeck, today’s webinar by @milenradkov.chain about Superhero was super informative, lots of questions by the audience were answered and new Superpowers acquired :fire::zap::gem:, check out the recording on Youtube to feel the great vibes :smile:

Also here are some nice screenshots from the webinar:

Find the complete presentation slides here as well :wink:


Here is a teaser of today’s Advanced Sophia & AEproject webinar with @philipp.chain and @ae-omar ! Big thanks to you and to everyone who participated :clap::clap::man_technologist::nerd_face:

Of course you are strongly encourage to watch the complete webinar on Youtube to catch up and get ready to participate at the Haeck yourself :muscle:

Here are the presentation slides for Philipp’s presentation on Sophia and for Omar’s presentation on AEproject


Here some snippets of today’s webinar “From Product Design to Ecosystem Design” by @sepu85 from Blockchain4Humanity :eyes:

You can find the complete webinar on Youtube: :man_teacher:

And here are the presentation slides as well as the user persona interview! Thanks @sepu85 for this excellent webinar and insightful design thinking techniques for new project ideas! :clap::clap:

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@aelex In China, YouTube,Facebook and Twitter cannot be accessed and relevant videos cannot be viewed. Could this problem be solved?How does China view these?

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Thanks!! taking in account that this is one of the greatest educational efforts made so far , we will find the way to make all this content available for the chinese community.


Hi @Winfield , thanks for letting us know. Which video platform is popular and accessible for you in China?

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This video site is the best choice.


In China, Tencent and Youku are the biggest video platforms, but most people are watching TV ,movies and other videos on them. As for digital currency, I think people in the circle of the coins pay more attention to financial platform, such as Golden Finance, Mars Finance, and non-small platforms that can query currency information.

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@erik.chain Check the above reply of mine.

Thanks @Winfield and @caigen.chain, we will evaluate your recommendations! Do you think developers in China will understand the original version in English?

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@erik.chain I think the general public may have a poor understanding of English, but the developers who do software development should have a college degree or above, although not necessarily fully understand, but most of the English should be able to understand.I think we can have a try.
And also Chinese people have a habit, to buy the stuff when the prices are going up instead of going down such as buy an apartment or a house,Chinese think that the stuff what is expensive is better ,then to buy them.That is why all the people no matter how useless the coins they are, but still to buy mainstream coins BTC and ETH etc, if the AE tokens price goes up in the future, people will buy more, I think the team should understand the culture and the habit of people from different countries, especially China is a big market, so we hope the team pay more attention to the market and focus on the needs of the various fields and crowd.In China, I think young people are also a big demand market especially college students. If the team can develop some apps that they all like to use, it will be great help to AE tokens to be used.If it is possible,you’d better do some market research. The result will be much better. @aelex @dimitar.chain @swift


Chinese people study English the hardest among non-English speaking countries.
Still, the AE team needed to provide more Chinese material, and everyone preferred their native language.
Of course, all this can only be achieved if AE team attaches importance to China.

China has a large population, highly educated people and a love of blockchain.

I hope the AE team is willing to learn from the successful experience of Ethereum.
Don’t rest on your laurels.
The world is beautiful, China is beautiful.


We had an amazing webinar with @philipp.chain about oracles & AEX-9 Fungible Tokens! :rocket: :sunglasses: :clap: :man_teacher:

You can find the complete recording on Youtube: :nerd_face: :eyes:

Also here are the presentation slides that were used :slight_smile: