The #HumanDeFi Haeck community award voting is live!

Hello everyone!!

After the end date for submissions of the Human DeFi Haeck the project gallery is public and the vote to decide the Superhero Community award is already online.

Learn about the amazing projects submitted, cast your vote for your favourite project and give it the chance to get the 2.500 USD in ae tokens Superhero Community Award. Go to with your desktop extension or webwallet and find the vote called “Human DeFi Haeck Superhero Community award”.

You can check the info on the projects in the project gallery on devpost. Voting will be active until block 359465 (aprox Dec 18th at 23:45 CET)

When voting remember to not include any amount of ae tokens in the field " Amount " when confirming the vote, otherwise the vote will fail…just click the confirm buttons without entering any other information please.

Results of this vote will be announced together with the rest of the awards next Dec 20th at 17:45 CET in

Good luck everyone and congræts for an incredible work!!


@aelex How to vote?where is the confirm button.


Hi @Winfield !!! Just access to with your Superhero wallet, find the Human DeFi Haeck voting (screenshot below) and click on it to view the options.

Then click on the box of your favourite project and you will be prompted to confirm, do not include any amount of ae in the amount field and hit the confirm button in your wallet extension. Any doubt here to help!!


Hi @aelex,it seems like I can’t use the mobile phone to vote like what you showed me,it must use the computer to do that?Please see my screenshot below.

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@Winfield Also just tried it, seems it is currently only possible to vote from desktop, not on mobile.


@erik.chain @aelex Thanks a lot, we hope that the team will consider more operability of the mobile terminal in the future, so as to expand its usability.
Learn more about the user experience, by the way, until now we have no idea what’s in the mobile superhero wallet and how to use it?

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Already reported , thænks to you @Winfield!!

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@Winfield Here is some basic information on how to use the Superhero wallet :slight_smile:

Hi @erik.chain @aelex Unfortunately, we can’t log in using Google,Facebook and blog address due to the restrictions network for Chinese guys.

@Winfield No Google or Facebook needed for using Superhero :sweat_smile:

Here are the download links:





Web wallet:

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Hi @erik.chain What I mean is we can’t visit the website( due to the restriction network for Chinese.

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