The Majority of Mining Power Adopted Fortuna

Hello everyone,

The æternity mining community adopted the Fortuna Release today at block height 90800. That block was mined at 09:53:04 UTC by beepool!.

The Aeternity Establishment and æternity Crypto Foundation followed the majority of miners and also adopted the Fortuna upgrade.

The second scheduled hard fork introduced generalized accounts - learn more about them below: (we’ve prepared a nice explainer video for you :stuck_out_tongue:)

Thank you for your support!
Albena :heart_eyes:

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impossible to not support it if your mining this …
you still not have stratum implemented so people don’t have any choice but to use 1 of the 3 chinese pools.
Actually there are only 2 real choices as the 3rd one never finds a block xD

screw this, i’m out xD

What about the new pool by 2Miners:

Stratum is coming really soon, the dev team is working hard on it!