The more the AE team does not care about the price, the more it does not promote ae, the consequences will be very serious

The more the AE team does not care about price, the less the AE is promoted. The lower the price is, the lower the price is, the lower the price is, and the miners will break the price. As a result, the lower the price of AE is, the lower the price of AE is, because people are driven by profit. If the price is low enough, even if the AE technology is well done, nobody develops it on it, the AE will eventually return to zero. It seems meaningless to ask when AE began to promote. Of course, I’m a little extreme, but I hope the team will think about it. I don’t want to die with ae.

So, you want to see paid promotions to be sure the team is making efforts, is that it?

What I want to see is that the development of AE is getting better and better. Otherwise, I can’t possibly ask so many questions. It’s undeniable that using money to promote is the fastest way to get results. In the long run, I don’t agree with using money to promote. Besides, it’s not all money to promote. For example, updating the official website, timely and transparent information, breakthroughs in ae’s recent work, and milestones in its work, I hope more. Hope that AE can conquer the world through technology and let the world recognize ae.

You first talk about about promotion, and then about AE’s development getting better… I can’t follow. Up until now we have consciously abstained from paying for promotion, if we decide we need to do it, we will. We’ve already stated several times that the website is under reconstruction and all milestones and important updates are being regularly communicated even without the website.