The road to Lima

Hello, with the node release 5.0.0-rc.1 of last week it begins the process that will bring eventually the Lima hard fork.

As usual, a major node release will be accompanied by the releases of the SDKs and will require to update the applications that use the SDKs to be compatible with the new version.

This is now the 3rd hard fork of the æternity blockchain and the 4th major release of the node, and we will follow the usual strategy to rollout all the software components necessary to be compatible with the new node release.

Let’s proceed with order.

With the the Lima release there are two critical components:

  • the æternity node v5.x.x (currently v4.2.0)
  • the sophia compiler v4.x.x (currently v3.2.0)

Once the HF kicks in you will not be able to sync from nodes version < 5.x.x and you will not be able to deploy contracts compiled with the compiler version < 4.x.x.

For the SDKs, we will be releasing a (minor) version that will be compatible with both node v4.x.x and v5.0.0 to allow continuity in the HF transition time. We’ll do our best to support all the functionalities but it may be that some of them will be disabled in those releases before the HF (for example the naming system).
Contextually we will proceed in the same way for the compiler support.

After the HF (that should happen sometimes in September) we’ll be dropping the support for node versions < v5.0.0 and likewise for compiler versions < v4.0.0, this will happen likely during the first half of October.

As for the current development process, we are working on the releases of the SDKs with preliminary support of the Lima series (v5.x.x) and we’ll be updating the API gateway for testnet as soon as we have the SDKs releases ready.

For the compiler, there is already the v4.0.0-rc2 available in the hosted compilers.

Follow the aeternityTECH to stay up to date with the SDKs releases.


The follow-up for this post has been published here.

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