The Sophia programming language is awesome!


I am bumping this topic to say that the Sophia programming language is awesome!

It’s so much better than Solidity and that alone justifies it’s existence, however, I’d like to share a few suggestions:

  1. build Sophia in a way that it could be useful for other blockchain projects as well, maybe even in ethereum; considering it’s a a good language and open-source, this might happen anyway, but if you lead an effort on it you might attract a portion of the huge eth developer community towards aeternity (if Sophia has extended features on ae, such as state channels/oracles)
  2. build Sophia as a procedural macro in rust; that will practically give you a compiler that can generate WASM/native code without you having to impl a compiler, and it will increase the language’s popularity
  3. using 256 bit sized uints is unnatural and has proved to be a problem in Ethereum, from the point of view that no matter how big your int is, you always have to manage overflows/underflows anyway, but no real hardware is 256bit, so using 256bit word size is expensive .


Hey @food-for-thought,

Thank you for testing Sophia and for sharing your thoughts with us :slight_smile:

Here are some suggestions from our devs:

  1. See (own repo, runs as a stand alone compiler Sophia --> aevm code). (The documentatiion is a bit lacking for now).

  2. Currently, we have no plans to work on a rust implementation any time soon (or ever).

  3. One can argue about the word size, I do not think it is a bottleneck in our implementation. Anyway the VM improvements we are working on now will have variable word size and should be much more efficient.
    Plus, we just merged today a PR for Minerva release addressing overflow/underflow…