The special address where the AENS fees locked

According to the protocol:

“Fees are the main mechanism to discourage spam and squatting. We lock the governance fee in an account without private key access. Starting out with locking could allow us an easier path for future update to the fee structures, as it doesn’t involve miners.”

So what is the address of this account? Besides, the tokens locked in this account which no one has private key access, does it mean the tokens locked in this account will never be spendable forever?
@hanssvensson.chain can you kindly give an answer? Thank you.

From community.


The lock address is 32 bytes of zeros. I.e. ak_11111111111111111111111111111111273Yts

The tokens in this account can’t be spend in a normal transaction.


To clarify what “locking” means a bit:

The only difference between “locking” and “burning” tokens is that in the case of “locking” you know how many tokens were “burnt”.

The tokens are equally inaccessible in both cases.

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