The trick AE devs use to get the maximum from BRI voting


this is as unprofessional as it can get.


i’m not gonna bother anymore.


How “professional” does that sound to you @TwenteMining? Also, it is a valid question.


Exactly my question.


Thank you, @Kryztoval


How it’s related to your vote being a scam?


I wasn’t the one calling you a dumbass was I?


I’d like to vote my AE but I cannot find a way to do it. They’re in 3 places: UEX had them in their conversion queue when they announced they’re closing, my BTC wallet, and my AnyBit wallet.

The timing for such an important topic is wrong. Aeternity should’ve tried this out with a lesser issue.

Revealing the ongoing voting results taints the outcome. The vote should remain secret until the election closes.

If the BRI passes then AE mining will become unprofitable much sooner. Aeternity should focus on creating demand for AE and not on how to spend it.


I also feel like this has not been enough organized and all coin holders might not been informed. Would have needed more time to practice how this works and to think what are cons & pros of the outcomes. I hope team would consider this kind of actions more carefully as they will potentially make huge dent in a project. As a commynity there should be alot more people sharing their thougts.