The trick AE devs use to get the maximum from BRI voting


Stop advocating scams.


Here is an interesting piece of news:

More than all aeternity’s campaigns even before the Parity hack. Vote for BRI!


If you let an obviously disrespectful person talk, eventually they discredit themselves and their arguments.


There is fortunately one good feature of the voting mechanism - it is liquid and you can amend the vote until the deadline. So theoretically it can yield a good consensus if token-holders will participate, won’t be lazy and care about voting results. Soon we will be able to judge that. When let’s say 40% of tokens will be used in voting (excluding tokens reserved in ICO for founders), it will be enormous success I’d say. When less than 10% tokens will be involved that won’t be so good result.


this is not true.
Ethereum is way way less centralized compared to AE. Silly thing to say.
Aeternity has 1 pool taking 80%+ of ALL blocks for months.
Aeternity had a not fair launch, where 1 miner got 99.9% of all blocks for weeks.
Team has failed to act upon these facts for months. So don’t you dare to start about eth centralization :joy:

Saying you have the best interest at heart for Aeternity is something thats open for discussion imo.
You are not stating facts, you are stating an opinion. Unless “Aeternity” doesn’t include the community.
You know, those people that haven’t been asked about input. This BRI is being pushed through without any thorough debate with the community.

Amazing tech is being build, but who are you building it for?

Also, there has been ZERO clarity about how Aeternity spend his money up until this point.
This weakens your grounds to call for a BRI vote on this short term.
Last but not least, although all comments are replied everytime. I’ve got the feeling they are not being heard. And if they are heard, there seems to be little effort to understand the standpoints someone else has. Its been a stiff “discussion”


What I said is 100% true. Have Ethereum asked you @TwenteMining about anything? No. So -> true :wink:

Can you tell me where I can find the same info about Ethereum? :slight_smile:

You can see what the community thinks about the BRI bu looking at the vote. Anyone here is expressing an “opinion”. Facts = votes.

Completely wrong. The next vote will be organized with all that feedback taken into account. I actaully also think that there was too short of a timeframe for the BRI.


have you?

they don’t ask the community for more money do they?

votes weight is calculated in a favorable way to team’s opinion.

Then why have you been deflecting everything from everyone instead of getting some transparency going?


Obviously disrespectful person here is you. You are pushing flawed and broken voting, you have been ignoring arguments against it, you ignore all my legit concerns and trying to show me in “obvious” bad light without any proofs.

If ETH are going to spend $30 million on “development” let them spend, you want too? LOL. They don’t ask for money that’s a difference. ETH is multibillion payment network, AE is relatively nothing.

What I really see is that their team want to look like a bunch of 4 years old kids, because otherwise they will look like a fraud.

It is not perfect, but it should be implemented so we can learn how to do the next one better. All the feedback we are getting as part of the BRI is appreciated and will be considered in the future votes.

^^ from bitcointalk.

Really weird, they have no idea if their trash voting is even correct way to do that but it’s the most necessary voting in AE history and the most damaging in case it’s flawed.

They call it logic also. I wonder what people with such logic can really build.


@sammy007 Fortunately it is a liquid voting so if participants will really be engaged, they can at least change their votes. So for example those who want to reject BRI can at least change their vote (a minute before deadline) to 1% BRI (I admin there should be 0% options as well to reflect real intentions) to lower the fund coupons if they expect that BRI will pass. That is all we can do until the deadline. Voting is flawed, but votes are liquid, at least it shows pros of realtime liquid voting on blockchain.


Why are you still here? :smiley:


Have you heard about the BRI? :smiley:

I assume your reply means “no” :wink:

No matter how the vote was designed - there will always be criticism.

“Deflecting everything from everyone” is not a mature statement. No idea what you mean and what you expect to happen. Feedback is dully noted, that’s it. Even disrespectful one. Expect the next to be better :slight_smile:


Exactly. Some people just let their emotions get the better of them.


Because you are a fraud and I want to continue exposing it until you fix that broken voting BS you made up in your favor.


When people continue exposing a fraud it’s not about emotions, it’s all about the fraudsters blatantly ignoring the fact and acting as 4 years old to cover their fraud in a series of nonsensical replies designed to divert attention.


Mind to argue with this point?


Again, you are attacking the person, not the argument. Nice way of admitting defeat.


This conversation is going nowhere from here. Its not going to do any good to spam this on different forums. Why would anyone invest in a coin they dont like and use so much energy to bash it.


Yeah good point /s. Let’s all be a friendly morons and watch how bunch of “developers” want to rip off their investors by pushing this broken parody on vote and all they can say so far is “you are rude”.


You can always contact devs directly and jump out of train if not happy with results. No need to start pee in a bowl of cornflakes that everyone shares. Im not going any futher with this. Thanks.


Great, you are literally a dumbass. Thank you.