There should be notifications of sent and recieved Æ tokens


A notifications tool, should be added to the baseapp, the airwallet, so users can be able to get notified on transactions


That would be a good option. Do other wallets have such a feature?


Few that i have been using, but with this it would be very cool, you will get notified when tokens are sent or recieved Asap


@Barineka this is a feature that multiple people have said would be useful.

@piwo @pascuin could you guys make sure you add it to your backlogs, if it’s not there already (and reconsider its priority relative to everything else again, if it is)?

Most people would like to have them when funds are received. Some have also expressed that it would be useful to have a notification after a certain amount of confirmations have been completed.

Thanks for chiming in!


We’re currently working on this feature for AirGap and will include it in one of the next releases, that will happen in the next few weeks.


Thanks @pascuin.

It might take a moment to get the equivalent response from the Base æpp team. But I’ll make sure this thread is updated when we have clarity on this (for the Base æpp).