Time to move away from cuckoo

From the looks of things the project should probably fork another pow algo to come more in line with times. No project that uses cuckoo has succeeded and migrating to something more modern and supported.

What are we options that would still fit with the project and does anyone else think this is a good idea. I believe a vote should be held.

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what made you think that cuckoo pow is the problem? I don’t see the relation at all. Maybe u mean AE should go PoS?

Cuckoo is not regularly supported by miners. Your asking people to fuck with bullshit which is a big issue. Moving proof of stake will work if you hardfork away from the hack.

sorry I still dont understand. What do you mean

not regularly supported by miners

because it’s using gpu card

The mining software, NBminer has removed it, Gminer removed it. Forking something like Octopus which is getting readily supported would REALLY help spreading out the hash-rate.

Also proof of stake is not a silver bullet but should just be part of security. Hybrid is the way to go.

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you should read about the latest update of Hyperchains: Hyperchains Alpha

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