Timeline for Ceres hardfork

Hello everyone,

The voting has been closed. The community voice says “Yes”! (78%)

We have prepared the following timeline for the Ceres hardfork:

  • The release build and testing will be complete by April 18, but no later than April 22.
  • The Ceres testnet hardfork is scheduled for April 24 (height 939750)
  • Mainnet Fork is scheduled for May 7 (height 941750)

We scheduled the forks for specific dates, which required us to perform straightforward calculations.


Starting point: 10/4 at 9:30 CEST: 933010
Hard Fork: 24/4 at 10:30 CEST: 933010 + 14 * 20 * 24 + 20 = 939750


Starting point: 10/4 at 9:30 CEST: 928760
Hard Fork: 7/5 at 11:00 CEST: 928760 + 27 * 20 * 24 + 30 = 941750

Please take note of these dates in your calendars and prepare accordingly, thank you!


Small correction; we discovered before merging the PR #4333 that block/generation times had drifted slightly. (This is entirely normal, generation lengths are probabilistic, and fluctuations in mining power or just randomness will move them around.)

Therefore, we adjusted the Mainnet protocol upgrade height to 941700 as you can see in the PR.


About 30 minutes ago the Aeternity Testnet upgraded to the Ceres protocol. It seems to have gone pretty frictionless, though the explorer https://testnet.aescan.io/ and the middleware seems to have a few smaller problems displaying correct information regarding auction lengths - this is currently being investigated!

We invite everyone to interact with the Testnet as much as possible now, to shake out any remaining inconsistencies before it is time for the Mainnet to upgrade (May 7th). Please report issues here in the forum or in Github issues! Happy testing!