Tokensale example application

Hey guys,

The last few days @philipp.chain and I were working on polishing the AEX-9 standard for Fungible tokens on Aeternity blockchain. We are really happy with what we’ve managed to achieve in this short, but productive period.

We already moved the proposal to Review stage, so we will be expecting more feedback from the community before we move towards finalizing it (if you have any suggestions or comments - now is the time to provide them).

We also wanted to showcase how easy it is to create a token sale / contribution campaign on top of aeternity blockchain using this standard by simply using a small wrapper contract that defines the price and the rules of the token sale. So we created an example app. It can now be accessed on TESTNET via your base-aepp at

Note: the example is not a production ready product, nor it has passed any security audit. If you are planning to make a token sale using the code we’ve provided - please use with caution or consult with security auditor before production deployment.



That’s awesome~thanks for your nice work. will list AEX-9 tokens after you.


Great work guys, very useful for explaining purposes!


Awesome! I tested and all worked well. I only have some small feedback related to aesthetics and I did a screen record


Hey @Josh.chain, thanks so much for this video and for your feedback :blush:

It really helps improve and polish things!