Не видно токенов после миграции!

Сделал миграцию ERC20 по инструкции. Мои токены ушлы с кошелька, но при проверке в статуса
мне показывает 0 токенов !!
Как понять все ли успешно?

Hey @Vlad_00, Please give us your ak_ address so we can check.


Hey @ae-albena, my ak_addres - ak_2B9AaVuQNWp92htjVKhmvzHoEaJasrzwB25mccTkjTSraQngff

It seems like you did not migrate your tokens:

Tell us what migration method you used? Can you send us the transaction in etherscan?

I use migration from MEW.


Hey, we had some issues with MEW after an update of theirs. Can you please try migrating using MetaMask for instance?

Here’s a video guide:

@ae-albena I can’t.

Look at the transaction on ethscan. I used MEW and migrate ALL AE-ERC20 token.

Can you send back my AE-ERC20 token?

Let me discuss this with our developers. I’ll update you in a bit.

@Vlad_00 It seems like you’ve transferred your tokens to the contract itself - something we’ve repeatedly said you should not do.

Please be patient, our developers are working on a solution for such cases.

We’ll keep you updated,

@ae-albena Any information about my tokens ?

Hey @Vlad_00, there will be a solution for cases like yours, our developers are currently working on it. But there will probably be an update after today’s migration deadline.

Will inform you as soon as possible.


Hey @ae-albena, please update information about my case

Hey @Vlad_00, our developers are working in it, we’ll update you as soon as a solution is worked out. Please be patient.


This is an amazing project in my side.


Thank you @clon and welcome :slight_smile:

@ae-albena any update ?

Hey @Vlad_00,

We’ll have a solution for you after the hardfork is executed - probably around the end of September.

We’ll keep you updated.


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Hey @ae-albena , any update? already the end of October!

Hey @Vlad_00, the Lima hardfork is about to be executed today. We’ll provide more information in the coming days.


@ae-albena The Lima hardfork solve my problem?