Transaction on testnet takes a lot of time to fail or complete

Hello everyone,

I am running some transactions on testnet through ae studio and Gas price is 10x to the default. However, I still get this error a lot and transactions take too much time as well.

query - call errored: Error: Giving up after 3 blocks mined, transaction hash: th_VJCbKHGThgrytdoNDJu3Jouu5xYXh9N1jXUEcDNsBVssGQHeX Most likely there is a syncing issue in the load balanced testnet nodes, please re-deploy the contract and try again.

rawTx : tx_+O4LAfhCuECH0IfwQ0+qiQjOxH0tVgtSf45UBeURKw3nrA2bYcSKtj4zwfnHhS/jvyDtNhxCtrJoAufiuO+6MqndJOV+NuUPuKb4pCsBoQGAMknsLkiICZo39gk6GGXx/HVQdPWCBSQeOvEROaaLCRmhBTHgOE3BilmyZ4uPTK6qc7YqZ2e50BhunsqnfaJ0Ynv/A4amuoN68AAAiAFjRXhdigAAgxgX+IUCVAvkALg/KxGJFi3FK9lKZWV2YW5fX2dlbmlldm90QHlhbmRleGllcy5jb21fX19fPGI+SGVsbG8gaW4gYm9sZDwvYj5/qzN5Xw==

verifyTx : function(){return f.unpackAndVerify(e)}

The gas price is 35x, logging 404 on transaction


Currently txs are odrered by fee and then by gas price. We are contemplating computing it down to gas price so it is easier to reason about. Please bump the fee a bit :slight_smile:


Thanks, Dimitar.
Can you suggest a good fee amount & gas price?


Since you are competing with other transactions in the mempool a fee that is a little bit higher than most other transactions will do.


ok, thank you @hanssv.chain

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