Transfer <percentage>

The aecli transfer command is really braindead in my opinion.

You end up sending half your funds to someone if you intend to make a test transfer sending 0.5 Ae but get spend and transfer wrong.

The name is totally arbitrary, it could be ‘spend’ instead of ‘transfer.’ The number should really require a percent sign (%) why not.

You might want to delete this post so nobody gets ideas how to trick people.

You are the first one reporting this and having issues with it. I personally don’t have any issues with that but I will past your post / critic.

I guess it’s similar to Ethereum initially not having an address ‘checksum’ mechanism or preventing people from sending to address 0. Works without but is an invitation to mess up. In this case to send your entire funds when you meant to send one test atto. And giving scammers an angle to attack users by tricking them into exactly this. I wonder what the practical application of percentage-of-funds is in the first place?