Transferred to Binance Exchange

I have migrated the my AE Token to the Binance exchange AE wallet address through MEW valut and it has sucessfully transferred to AE Token Contract address. But, these migrated tokens are not reflecting on exchange wallet.

Please let me know when AE tokens will reflect in my wallet.

If you migrated after May 7 you will have to wait until the september fork to get your tokens. If you migrated before May 7, I don’t know how you could have migrated to binance as they did not support AE mainnet. If you migrated to the AE-ETH token address on binance (address starting with 0x) then your tokens are probably lost, sorry, although after the September fork the ae team might be able to help you if you can prove ownership of the address you sent from to the migration smart contract, I’m not sure

I have Migrated the token today at binance AE wallet address starts with (ak) through MEW. These token were transferred to AE Token migration contract address, which starts with (0x5ca9a) and txn was successful. But, on checking the migrated status on

" you have migrated 0.0AE in total on following address" comes

please let me why this message is coming, where the migrated token gone?


Please forward this question to Binance. It is possible that the address that stored your AE tokens was not the one that was used for migration by Binance. Please wait for an official announcement from Binance that the AE token migration was successful. I think they might still be working on it.


Hello, I have forwarded my question to Binance Exchange . Their reply is as

“As per you provided the TXID, we found you have deposited the AE to the contract address rather than your Binance address. We are sorry to say that we’re unable to help you retrieve the funds regarding your situation but we suggest that you can contact AE authority to find a solution”.

I have only doubt that when I transferred AE tokens to AE CONTRACT address. Will the Aeternity team transfer the AE tokens from AE CONTRACT address to AE MIGRATION CONTRACT address and after that to my aeternity mainnet address after hard fork on september (ak_232c6BGvGs1JsF2RULcZpTwzTDTwfkE3fTKV3PLyjGFNyzPEBW), which I entered during migration through MEW.

If this is so, why migrated tokens are shown as 0.0AE in attachment despite 1181.5AE, Which were migrated.

Hello. Unfortunately AE tokens that are sent directly to the migration contract are effectively “burnt” and NOT migrated. This is so, because a simple send to the migration contract does not associate the AE tokens with a Mainnet AE address (in a cryptographically secure way). That is the reason behind the “migration process” that is established.

However, if you have the private key for the ETH address that you sent the AE tokens from (to the migration contract), we may be able to help you recover them. This will happen around the next hardfork, however.

Get in touch with us in August.

Hello, is there is any possibility to get AE tokens back from AE CONTRACT address wallet?

Hello @sahilkmr70. See the answer above.