Traveling ambassador-Aeternity meetup in Albacete

Hi everyone!
Here is Manel Ruiz, traveling ambassador of Aeternity in Spain. Just wanted to share with you that yesterday I had probably my best Aeternity meetup in Albacete, I met an amaaaaaazing community there, some were old cats in crypto, some miners, some newbies…
Don’t underestimate small cities for meetups, there are amazing cryptocommunities hidden in places that you would not imagine. It was a huge surprise!
They were so interested in Aeternity :slightly_smiling_face:addmiting that Ethereum doesn’t scale. Some developers will participate in the hackathon I’m preparing for June and I got Julio to be the local ambassador.
Guys the trip continues, I’m doing a Meetup today in Castellón with the Community Blocks and Beers😁
Take this opportunity that Aeternity it’s giving to us and spread the word about Aeternity, you will meet great people and you will learn a looooot.

Best wishes!


Nice one Manel! :clap::clap::clap: Here is some more information about this meetup:

Topics presented: state channels, oracles, programming languages, Starfleet program, hackathons, Cucko Cycle, mining, development, mainnet, next hardforks, virtual channels, community development and Aeternity’s challenges

Questions by the audience: In state channels txs do you have any hash of the txs? In virtual channels how do you prevent malicious participants to cheat? In virtual channels how do you close the channels and what impact do have in others participants?

Potential æpps use case: There is a developer that wants to do a Dapp using State Channels for car renting companies so you can pay in fractions.

Observations: we need more information about Virtual Channels.


Also here is the video from Albacete!

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