Travelling Meetup At Bauchi State Polytechnic, Bauchi Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi State University Yuli

Travelling Meetup At Bauchi State Polytechnic, Bauchi Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi State University Yuli.
At the Bauchi State University Yuli (business management entrepreneur’s campus) we were able to discuss how businesses can take advantage of this emerging technology and how some businesses have taken advantage of this technology in the area of health care, finance, education and even Agriculture. Some of the students have some SMEs they run which I encouraged them to be begin to think of deploying them on the blockchain to help them gain more trust and expand their customer base. This is because the blockchain promotes trust and encourage high level of transparency in the business. I was able to speak to them about accepting AE as payment for their service which some of them said they need to study the technology more and they will give me feedback. I referred them to

At the Bauchi State polytechnic the meetup had students from various departments in the school and I was able to use the opportunity to introduce them to the aeternity blockchain and what aeternity offers its community. I spoke about the aeternity state channels solution and governance on the aeternity blockchain. I used the opportunity and encourage them to begin voting online within the school system. There was a situation with the just concluded elections of the student governing council where the elections were done electronically but the system was hacked and the result was manipulated in favor of a particular candidate. I used this to clearly prove to them that when they deploy the solution on the blockchain, such situations won’t happen because the system can never be hacked and results can’t be manipulated. I was able to direct them to to learn about Sophia and possibly integrate it into their voting system.


Federal polytechnic Bauchi also recorded a successful meetup with great number of participants and we had a good time discussing about blockchain and how it can be used in real life. We looked at some of the things that make aeternity different from other blockchain platforms and also spoke about what aeternity is doing to remain relevant in the blockchain space. We looked at topics like scalability and considering state channels and bitcoin-NG and also looked at security and oracles. I was able to also tell them about some of the funding opportunities aeternkity provides for her community through the Starfleet program and how they can participate in the forthcoming Starfleet program coming up in Malta this November.


Here’s a shot video from the meetups
Bauchi State University Yuli
Bauchi State polytechnic
Bauchi federal polytechnic