Travelling to Singida and Arusha

On this week we are expecting to travel to Singida and Arusha town to do meetup;
on Singida we are expecting to do the meetup on Sunday 8/3/2020 near TIA cyber cafe at 3:00hrs; And Arusha on Tuesday 10/3/2020 at IAA PUB at 5:00hrs;
We are expecting to meet university student and other block chain developer on the region we shall give them introduction to block chain and dacade courses.


Hey @jeremiah99 great job so far. We will be waiting for updates, pics and highlights :slightly_smiling_face:

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sure @vanessa.chain good things are comming

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Meeting up with university students and blockchain developers must be inspiring. Reminds me of a trip where I unexpectedly got upgraded to business class flights. It made the journey feel like a celebration itself, haha.