[Tutorial] Æternity Mining on minerOS


For mining on minerOS,you need a minerOS account,registered it on www.mineros.cn ,it’s free for use.

1. Make a minerOS boot disk(use USB disk).

Download minerOS setup tools

Insert USB disk and run the tool. (Plugin a USB disk, and click the minerOS tool icon)

Choose ‘’custom burning‘’

Click next.

Choose a version based on your gpu type AMD/GPU, It is recommended to choose the latest version.

chose your Udisk and click Download and burn to next step.

waitting for burning completed.

2.Startup minerOS on your rigs

now your have a minerOS bootdisk , insert it in your rigs.and set boot from Udisk.

when successful startup,you can see it on your rigs.Command “mosh -i” write minerOS to hard disk(minerOS can run in Udisk also).

Use chrome Input your rigs IP address(In the same local area network,)login your minerOS account and click "Local Activation“.

3.** Set up and control your rig on minerOS dashboard **
Visit dashboard.mineros.cn you can see the activated rigs. now yor can control it anywhere.

Chose「Template」 and click Plus in the upper right corner to creat new template.

new a AE mining template,fill in your config and click ok to save.(you can also use custom pool like ip:port )

switch to 「Servers」and Selected your rigs chose 「Config&Reload」,chose ae Template you had set and 「OK」.

When restart miner , you rigs begin mining ae as your Template set!

Have a fun!


How did you register at mineros? It always tells me mallfromated phone number during registration.


Select area code,than Fill in your number.


I get “Malformed phone number!” Always, even for some free numbers online, tried multiple browsers. Maybe it only works for Mainland china numbers?


sign up using email.