[TUTORIAL] Run your own æternity node on Amazon AWS


Hello again,

We now have a detailed guide on how to run an æternity node on Amazon Web Services (Amazon Cloud).

If you want to run a node of your own, but you don’t have powerful enough hardware or you don’t want to bully your laptop, this is the way to do it:

Big thanks to our friends from hack.bg fro preparing it!


[TUTORIAL] Ejecuta tu propio nodo de æternity en Amazon AWS

Thanks for preparing and sharing this!

Could someone clarify under what circumstances it makes sense for someone to run their own node vs connect to an existing one?



It’s always better to run your own node when developing or when shipping an aepp (decentralized application) in production - so that you are sure that you will always be able to connect to aeternity blockchain via your node’s API.

Also this way you are helping the network be more decentralized and secure in addition to balancing the load over a certain node. (e.g. imagine 100 aepps are accessing a single node for some operations the networking throughput that it can handle is physically limited - resulting in slow responses and bad UI).