Two more weeks until Ʀternity Universe Two conference at the Crypto Castle! šŸ°


Get ready for the return of the biggest event in the Ʀternity ecosystem ā€“ Ʀternity Universe Two is just around the corner! Book a ticket and join us on September 15th - 16th at the Crypto Castle in Burgscheidungen, Germany and engage in vibrant discussions and valuable knowledge transfers with amazing speakers.

Take part in developer workshops, and experience it all in a space where the past and future collide. The Crypto Castle is the best-preserved, most remarkable, over a 1000 year-old Baroque secular building.

Enjoy an immersive Metaverse experience with VR & AR art, NFTs, physical as well as digital Crypto art. Engage with hundreds of people from the blockchain space in a friendly in-house atmosphere with BBQs and music.

The Crypto Castle is offering exclusive events, membership program, artist residencies, consciousness leadership workshops and retreats including a dedicated hackers lab utilizing the Ʀternity Blockchain technology.

This project is a live test of previously theorized new governance models by actively involving the group of token holders in a community for future living.

Join us on September 15th - 16th and book your ticket for the conference now :fireworks:


Great stuff, thanks for sharing the information

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:rocket:Ɔternity Universe Two will be kicking off today at 10:00am CEST - so get ready to join us during the stream and ask any questions!

Get Ready:movie_camera:


Due to the network blockade, Chinese users cannot access YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. Can you share more about aeternity news here? Thank you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We will soon have a big update here with everything that you missed :smiley:

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Amazing Waiting for the future updates.

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